The orchestra

Members of the orchestra are regularly representing Austria at big festivals and competitions in Europe (Tauriska Festival, SalzART Festival, Schladming – Austria, Valencia – Spain, Rastede and Munic, Germany).

There are currently about 30 musicians belonging to the Austria Festival Symphony Orchestra.

Furthermore, the concertmaster, solists and some members of the orchestra studies at the university Mozarteum in Salzburg, at the university for music and play in Vienna, at the music academy in Innsbruck and at other universities in Europe. They get their education from famous professors of the Vienna Philharmonic, Mozarteum Orchestra and the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra. A few members made additional an education as director, conductor, of music and conducts their own or other orchestras in Austria.

The home of Austrian Festival Orchestra is the world-famous town Oberndorf, Salzburg. In 1819 there was written the well-known Christmas song “Still night, Holy night” from Franz Xaver Gruber. On December 24, guests of all over the world meet there at the chapel Stille-Nacht in Oberndorf.

The first formation was the Austria Festival Orchestra.


Nechledil MarschFranz Lehar
Gold & Silber, WalzerFranz Lehar
Romanze F Dur für Solovioline op. 50      Ludwig van Beethoven
Tik Tak PolkaJohann Strauß
Hornkonzert 3. Satz AllegroW.A. Mozart
Quando me`n voGiacomo Puccini
BoleroMaurice Ravel
Stille Nacht Fanfare, UraufführungDavid Lehner
Die verkaufte Braut, OuvertüreBedrich Smetana
Alphorn RondoAnonymus
Arie der LindaGaetano Donizetti
Praterfahrt anno 1880, GaloppJosef Strauß