Reinhold Wieser

Reinhold Wieser – conductor, musician, music teacher, manager – was born in 1959 in Mittersill, Salzburg. In his childhood he studied from his father fluit, percussion, clarinet, trumpet and first movements in conduction. When he was 13, he played the solo-trumpet in fathers orchestra.

After a conduction education, he came 1978 to the Military Orchestra Salzburg. He played the solo-trumpet and get experiences in austrian musics.

He become vice-conductor of the orchestra Mittersill with 18 years old. In 1979 he began to study at the Mozarteum Salzburg, orchestra musician, and finished some courses of Prof. Paul Lachermaier, Bo Nillson, Otto Sauter and Conjarts.

Since 1983 he works international as musician, music teacher and conductor. Concerts brought him to Germany, Hungary, Italia, St. Petersburg – Russia, China and Cypern.

Since 15 years he leads the successful Ensemble Paris Lodron, Salzburg. He reached some awards – as conductor and with his orchestras.A New Years Eve Tour in 2005/2006 with a concert in Bejing with an audience over 7000 people was also very successfull.


Nechledil MarschFranz Lehar
Gold & Silber, WalzerFranz Lehar
Romanze F Dur für Solovioline op. 50      Ludwig van Beethoven
Tik Tak PolkaJohann Strauß
Hornkonzert 3. Satz AllegroW.A. Mozart
Quando me`n voGiacomo Puccini
BoleroMaurice Ravel
Stille Nacht Fanfare, UraufführungDavid Lehner
Die verkaufte Braut, OuvertüreBedrich Smetana
Alphorn RondoAnonymus
Arie der LindaGaetano Donizetti
Praterfahrt anno 1880, GaloppJosef Strauß